The Good, the Bad and the Dance

The Good, the Bad and the Dance

Yet again it's that time of year where we look back and reflect on the last 12 months. I'm hoping (and goodness knows what I'm actually going to write as this post has had many iterations in my head) to celebrate the good things that happened this year, and also to see if the things I hoped would sustain me this year actually did. Thing is, so much of the good is tangled up with, or happened so close to the bad.

I found out something else bad a few days ago and since then I've been raging somewhat at the unfairness of it all. I feel so helpless that so many people are going through such shit and I can't fix it. Yet we cannot appreciate the good without the bad, cannot survive the bad without hope for the good. And sometimes, as I am learning, it takes something bad to happen to fully appreciate and acknowledge the good around you.

So, looking back at my sustainables - how did they shape up?

Suck it and see!

I'm not on secondment any more. I got a promotion and I'm going to be working one of the most exciting new library projects in the southern hemisphere, maybe the world. However, for various reasons, I really haven't celebrated this enough. Will you help me with that?

Fun Palaces

While we didn't end up holding a Fun Palace this year, I did have the huge honour of meeting Fun Palace founder Stella Duffy (thank you Donna!) and finding out more about the nuts and bolts of the movement. Creating arts and science opportunities for all and connecting people is something that the GLAMR sector can truly champion.

#open17, Twitter & Louis Theroux

These three all kind of ended up together. As you can see my Louis Theroux t-shirt ended up making it to LIANZA's #open17 conference. I am so hugely proud of what we did with conference, but because of all that's happened afterwards I haven't reflected and celebrated this enough (do you see a theme emerging?). It was huge for me both professionally and personally. I completely loved running the social media (with the wonderful Cath Sheard) and it was so exciting to be able to introduce a keynote speaker, and to work with such a great convener and committee.

One of the most best things was being able to meet so many Twitter friends in real life. So I'd like to shout out to all the Tweeps I met at conference - it was wonderful to catch up! Indeed one of my favourite moments was sitting in a big comfy chair saying hello to everyone going past (and tweeting about it). 

From those days at conference, I would really like to acknowledge (trying not to gush):

  • Kim Tairi, for being so kind and for running such a great workshop (which I only went to half of) which helped me realise that I'm not a scruffy oik, I do have some style.
  • Sally Turbitt and Amy Walduck for reinforcing the point that opportunities are to be grabbed and made the most of.
  • Matt Finch for creating a gift of a workshop and a keynote that are going to keep on giving, and for making me ponder 'how can we know the dancer from the dance'?
  • Everybody else who attended, because it wouldn't have been the same without you.

Other things I am proud of this year:

  • Running a Regional Digital Forum unconference
  • Presenting at the Myriad Faces of War conference at Te Papa
  • Getting up this morning and going swimming
  • Writing for Library Whisperers (thanks Kim!)
  • Singing waiata

So yes, there is a lot to treasure, which will help rebuild my resilience as we head into the challenges of next year.

Image from LIANZA Recollect.

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